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Master's Swimmer

Do Your Buyers Feel a Sense of Urgency?

Are you getting enough exercise? We all know that regular physical exercise is associated with physical health and longevity. But how many of us follow this recommendation? Some of us do, but let’s be honest, many of us do not. Of all the problems we must address today, somehow exercise does not rise to the […]

Influencing Others

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To Spur Others to Action, Make It Concrete and Personal

To sell software, you need more than educated and trusting buyers. You want them to take action. You, of course, are a huge believer in the software you sell. You’ve seen how much your software has improved the lives and work of your customers. And you’d like to see more people use it. And not […]

Participants in a ropes course trust their leader. The leader shares their values (safety, fun), shows practical wisdom (knows what to do in any situation), and is selfless (puts the needs of the participants ahead of his own).

Reputation Is a Small Company’s Competitive Advantage. Here’s Why.

Ever been to a website where you feel you’ve entered a roach motel? A site where it’s easy to enter but hard to leave? Email newsletter subscriptions sometimes do this. They make it simple to subscribe, but difficult to unsubscribe. Or maybe you’ve been the object of “privacy Zuckering?” That’s when a site deliberately creates […]

How to Remain Buoyant in the Face of Rejection

Here’s a harsh fact if you work in online marketing: Most people will not respond to your offer. Very few buyers move from one stage of their lifecycle to the next. You work hard to create an article, an e-book, or an email series. You publish it on your site. Hundreds of people, maybe thousands […]

Marketing Tools

Acquisition, Behavior, Outcomes Framework

Scope your Marketing Framework

We know that B2B buyers today are empowered to control the business relationship. We know that business-to-business buyers are on a journey. They go through stages to solve their problems — from awareness of the problem to information gathering to decision-making. How do sellers engage with buyers at each stage of their journey? And how […]

How to Pitch Your Idea in an Email

Daniel Pink says we have to learn how to be and how to do in a new age of selling, an age of “limited attention and caveat venditor.” How “to be” includes the ability to attune with your audience, to remain buoyant in the face of rejection, and to help customers achieve more clarity with […]

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Why Do People Sign Up for a Free Trial of Your Software, But Then Never Buy?

Are you frustrated that people download your software, but very few of them convert into a purchase? For many software companies, potential customers fail to buy because they download the trial, but they never activate. What do you mean, activate the software? A person downloads your software. They start to use it, but then quickly […]