Here’s a Guide That Demystifies the Sale of Enterprise Software

The people at Work-Bench, an enterprise technology growth accelerator in New York, often are asked for enterprise sales resources. In response to these questions, they’ve put together The Enterprise Sales Guide. This guide is a curated collection of articles written by the top thought leaders from all sides of the table in the enterprise technology […]

How to Transition to Sales Process Excellence

I saw an interview recently with the CEO and Sales VP of a rapidly growing SaaS company. They were quickly adding both Sales Development Reps and Account Executives in order to acquire more customers and become the dominant player in a new market. I can’t imagine how the CEO and VP Sales are managing through […]

How MailChimp’s New Style Guide Will Make You a Better Writer

MailChimp has written a company Style Guide to help their employees “write clear and consistent content across teams and channels.” They shared the guide with the world via their website. They even posted it to GitHub and made it available for other companies to adapt under a Creative Commons license. Rachael Maddox, Kate Kiefer Lee, […]