Mark Suster on Power, Some Further Thoughts

Mark Suster just wrote an article for entrepreneurs on the topic of power. In it he examines the relationships between parties who have less power and parties who have more and how entrepreneurs can navigate this Hobbesian landscape. Which raised a question in my mind, what are the types of relationships we can have that […]

The Role of Sales Tools in Sales Process Excellence

Bowery Capital just updated their Ultimate Guide to Sales Tools. This useful guide divides the tools into stages of the sales cycle: pre-sales, sales, and post-sales. In all, they categorize and describe 105 tools. An impressive compilation. Since Bowery categorized the tools by stages in the sales cycle, it made me wonder how the tools […]

A National Opportunity for Productivity Improvement in Sales and Marketing?

Barry Ritholtz pointed to a recent Wall Street Journal article on the recent drop in U.S. productivity. This two-month decline could simply be due to some federal government numbers being released earlier than others. Or it could signal that the current expansion is slowing. However, the longer-term flat productivity rates you see in the graph […]

I Need More Sales Leads…

I recently read an article about a sales meeting where a salesperson told the marketing manager (in front of 40 other salespeople and the company’s executives) that she never had a lead that turned into a sale. The marketing manager rescued the situation by asking the other sales reps in the room to share their […]

Does Your Website Content Dominate a Niche?

We’re all in the publishing business now. Survey after survey shows that marketers are producing lots of content and plan to produce more. It used to be that you could build an audience simply by writing relevant articles in your domain of expertise. Those days of content marketing are over, my friend. Every industry and […]