Google Analytics Interface Map

Google Analytics Interface Map

The interface to Google Analytics crams a lot into one screen. This makes it possible to go to many places in the application with just one click.

But the interface has so many components that even experienced analysts can miss a useful feature.

And what about marketing managers that don’t use GA every day? It’s likely that you’ve looked over some features that could help you get more insights from your analytics data.

Fortunately, +JustinCutroni announced that the GA team has created a Google Analytics Interface Map.

On top of that, Daniel Waisberg created a pdf of the interface map so you can print it out and hang it in your office. :)

Google Analytics Interface Map

Here are the elements in the Google Analytics Interface Map. In some places I’ve added links to articles on that topic.

Account Controls

  1. Account/Profile Selector – LunaMetrics on Navigating the Settings in the New GA
  2. Administrative Settings – Daniel Waisberg writes a 10 Point Checklist to Set Up your Google Analytics Properly
  3. Report Navigation

  4. Report Finder
  5. Directory of Reports
  6. Report Title
  7. Data Inclusion Controls

  8. Date Selector
  9. Advanced Segments – Kaushik on Mate Custom Reports with Advanced Segments!
  10. Metric Group Selector – Kaushik on Your Web Metrics: Super Lame or Super Awesome?
  11. Primary Dimension Selector
  12. Secondary Dimension Selector
  13. Table Filter
  14. Table Controls
  15. Graph & Visualization Controls

  16. Metric View Selector
  17. Graph Increment Selector
  18. Plot Rows
  19. Data View Selector
  20. Report Sharing, Dashboards, and Downloading

  21. Home (Dashboards, Realtime, Intelligence)
  22. Custom Reporting – Jason Cutroni: Understanding Custom Reports
  23. Email, Export, Unsampled Reports
  24. Add to Dashboard
  25. Annotations
  26. Help Resources

  27. Contextual Help
  28. Help Search Box