About Geonexus

Geonexus provides online marketing services for B2B software companies. These include content marketing, email marketing, conversion optimization, and marketing analytics. We specialize in lifecycle email marketing services.

Typically we work with B2B software companies who are experiencing annual revenues in the range of $10M to $100M.

B2B Buyers Have Changed, Sellers Are Still Catching Up

Current buyers of business software rely more on cost and performance information and less on relationships with salespeople. They find most of the information they need on the internet—industry trends, product specifications, pricing, and case studies.

However, many B2B software companies have yet to catch up with the changing behaviors of their buyers. They fail to give their buyers the information they need at the time they need it. They have not aligned the sales and marketing organizations with the stages of their buyer’s journey. Thus they struggle to add value at each stage and to measure the results of their activities.

These conditions leave B2B sellers in the dark about what their buyers need at each stage. They are unable to encourage their buyers to move forward in their journey. Moreover, they cannot forecast the number of leads, opportunities and customers they expect to produce.

Toward a Sales Production System

Some B2B companies are changing their approach to sales and marketing. They align their activities with the stages of their buyer’s journey. They find ways to add value at each stage and measure the results of their work. These companies organize marketing and sales into an end-to-end production system for finding, winning and keeping customers.

Geonexus helps B2B companies use lifecycle email to educate and inform their buyers at each stage of the buyer’s journey. Lifecycle email encourages buyers to move forward inexpensively and automatically. We can work with you to create lifecycle email sequences, to test different options, and to continuously improve your use of this tool.

With Geonexus Lifecycle Email services, you’ll increase conversion rates, improve customer retention, and lower the cost of customer acquisition. You’ll increase the number of leads, opportunities and customers.