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What are the five key marketing metrics you need to track?

The executive team expects Marketing and Sales to produce consistent streams of revenue at a low cost. They don’t want surprises. They not only need to see a revenue forecast, they also need to see the factors that produce the revenue. These five metrics from David Raab will give them the confidence that Marketing and Sales can deliver on their forecast.

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Can You Avoid the Trials of Hiring the Wrong Salesperson?

Most companies screen and hire candidates based on “gut feel.” They have no way to quantifiably tie their observations during the interview to the future performance of the candidate. But you don’t have to be like most companies. In this article you’ll learn how to use the process that Mark Roberge of Hubspot developed to find the right salespeople for your company.

Influencing Others

Help your Customers Achieve More Clarity on Their Problems

What is the third quality necessary to move people today? In addition to Attunement and Buoyancy, people in sales also have to develop the quality of Clarity. According to Daniel Pink, you have to be able to “help others see their situations in fresh and more revealing ways and to identify problems they didn’t know […]

Participants in a ropes course trust their leader. The leader shares their values (safety, fun), shows practical wisdom (knows what to do in any situation), and is selfless (puts the needs of the participants ahead of his own).

Reputation Is a Small Company’s Competitive Advantage. Here’s Why.

Ever been to a website where you feel you’ve entered a roach motel? A site where it’s easy to enter but hard to leave? Email newsletter subscriptions sometimes do this. They make it simple to subscribe, but difficult to unsubscribe. Or maybe you’ve been the object of “privacy Zuckering?” That’s when a site deliberately creates […]

Use educational content marketing to increase customer retention.

Increase Customer Retention with Relevant Ideas and Education

Both buyers and sellers have a stake in customer retention. Buyers invested time and energy when they decided to solve their problem, select you, and become your customer. They aren’t interested in a transaction. They want a relationship that will continue to deliver value. And you have a stake too. You’ve invested resources to acquire […]

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Change Customer Behavior with Lifecycle Email

How Lifecycle Email Changes Customer Behavior

Let’s say you are a software enterpreneur. You sell software that does, oh, I don’t know, how about online project management? You are at a social gathering for an industry conference and the person you are talking to finds out what you do. Next thing you know, here’s what you hear: “I installed your trial […]


Become a Conference Commando

Are you happy with the number of people you met at the last conference you attended? Did you come away with connections that you can build on? Is the return you received from the relationships higher than the cost of the conference and the time you spent there? For many of us, the answer is […]