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How to Increase Email Subscribers: Bring More People to Your Site

Successful software companies treat their email subscriber lists like gold. They constantly look for ways to grow their subscriber list. In this article we’ll study how three masters increase their email subscribers: Ramit Sethi, Neil Patel, and Sean D’Souza.

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Master's Swimmer

Why Do Buyers Need to Feel a Sense of Urgency?

Are you getting enough exercise? We all know that regular physical exercise is associated with physical health and longevity. But how many of us follow this recommendation? Some of us do, but let’s be honest, many of us do not. Of all the problems we must address today, somehow exercise does not rise to the […]

Decrease churn: Reach out to customers before they cancel

Decrease churn: Reach out to customers before they cancel

When a shepherd sees a lamb caught in a thicket or spies a few sheep wandering off, what does he do? Does the shepherd let them go? Does he look at the rest of the flock and think, no big deal, I still have plenty of sheep? No, the shepherd thinks “I must rescue that […]

Influencing Others

Marketing Through “Thought Leadership” Not “Look at Me”

It’s become a running joke in Brad Feld’s circle that he “hates marketing.” But does he really? Feld published a letter this week from Chris Moody, COO of Gnip. Moody’s letter captures what he believes Feld’s philosophy of marketing to be. It’s based on a belief that “startups have the power to change the world.” […]

Use educational content marketing to increase customer retention.

Increase Customer Retention with Relevant Ideas and Education

Both buyers and sellers have a stake in customer retention. Buyers invested time and energy when they decided to solve their problem, select you, and become your customer. They aren’t interested in a transaction. They want a relationship that will continue to deliver value. And you have a stake too. You’ve invested resources to acquire […]

Help your Customers Achieve More Clarity on Their Problems

What is the third quality necessary to move people today? In addition to Attunement and Buoyancy, people in sales also have to develop the quality of Clarity. According to Daniel Pink, you have to be able to “help others see their situations in fresh and more revealing ways and to identify problems they didn’t know […]

Marketing Tools

Future of Analytics

The Future of Analytics: Transforming (some) Organizations

What can we say about the future of analytics? Let’s start with what we know: Moving our activities online has caused us to produce mountains of data to analyze. Too much data many would say. Much of this data is imperfect. Many online activities cannot be measured directly, so we settle for indirect measurements and […]

SiriusDecisions Demand Waterfall

Improve your Sales Forecast with the Demand Metrics Waterfall

Meeting your sales forecast and revenue goals — it’s the lifeblood of a B2B company. Yet, many companies report that their sales forecast is unreliable. They routinely fall short of their revenue goals. And worse, they say marketing and sales have not aligned their strategies to achieve revenue goals. Marketing does not generate and nurture […]

Blog and Core Website that ranks and converts

5 Steps to a Core Website That Ranks and Converts

Like a moth to the light, when technology buyers have a problem they turn to the search engines first. They may have just started to investigate a problem. Or buyers could be at the final stages of vendor selection. At all stages of the buyer’s journey they rely on search engines to find sources of […]