How to Become Like Elite Athletes Who Have More Time

“There is no higher compliment in sports than ‘having time’” says Ed Smith in Intelligent Life magazine. Elite athletes seem to have more time in a game than other athletes. Partly it’s due to their speed and their balance. They can move faster than other athletes and their agility prevents defenders from slowing their progress. […]

If Salespeople Can’t Close Their Deals, Who Is Responsible?

In a recent article, Emma Snider points to a survey on the obstacles that prevent sales reps from closing deals. Training company Richardson asked for the opinions of over 300 B2B and B2C salespeople from a variety of industries and company sizes. One survey question asked about the top three obstacles that prevent salespeople from […]

Why Do Salespeople Buy So Many Books on Personal Productivity?

As you scroll through the list of Amazon’s top-selling books in the Sales category, you quickly see that they have a common premise: they teach salespeople how to improve their personal productivity. Amazon’s Top-Selling Books on Sales Go Pro – 7 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional by Eric Worre Pitch Anything: An Innovative […]

Are B2B Marketing, Sales, and Service Ready to Adopt Process Excellence?

Many B2B companies struggle to find, win, and keep customers. Their buyers have changed, but B2B companies have not. In his new book, Sales Process Excellence, Michael Webb explains the problem this way: Customers rely more today on cost and performance data than relationships with sales people, yet many companies cannot give customers the right […]

Get Noticed with These SEO Fundamentals

If you are a small company, you may feel frustrated in your efforts to get your articles ranked highly in the search engines. SEO experts want to help, but they write articles that tell you to complete a long checklist of tasks. Does that mean you must complete all the tasks to rank well? Are […]