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What are the five key marketing metrics you need to track?

The executive team expects Marketing and Sales to produce consistent streams of revenue at a low cost. They don’t want surprises. They not only need to see a revenue forecast, they also need to see the factors that produce the revenue. These five metrics from David Raab will give them the confidence that Marketing and Sales can deliver on their forecast.

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Can You Avoid the Trials of Hiring the Wrong Salesperson?

Most companies screen and hire candidates based on “gut feel.” They have no way to quantifiably tie their observations during the interview to the future performance of the candidate. But you don’t have to be like most companies. In this article you’ll learn how to use the process that Mark Roberge of Hubspot developed to find the right salespeople for your company.

Influencing Others

Protect Your Reputation — Guard It with Your Life

So much depends on your reputation. Guard it with your life. Reputation is the cornerstone of power. Through reputation alone you can intimidate and win; once it slips, however, you are vulnerable, and will be attacked on all sides. Make your reputation unassailable. — The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene Your reputation is […]

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Who Do You Want Your Customers to Become?

What’s the point of innovation? To satisfy? To delight? Or is it is to transform customers? Successful innovators reinvent their customers as well as their businesses.

Thank You for Arguing: What Aristotle, Lincoln, and Homer Simpson Can Teach Us About The Art of Persuasion

The Best Book on Persuasion (That You’ve Never Heard Of)

People are social animals—we interact and influence each other in complex and mysterious ways. Through research on social behavior, psychology, and the brain, we are starting to learn more about how these interactions work. Good writers are making the results of this research available to a wide audience.

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Use site search to discover intent.

How Internal Site Search Reveals B2B Buyer Intent

Internal site search can be a treasure trove of information about what your visitors want. Site search benefits both you and your visitors. For your visitors, internal site search provides a way to bypass your website navigation and tell you exactly what they are looking for in their own words. For you, site search gives […]

Metrics for the Service Economy

Increase Customer Lifetime Value

Matt Trifiro (VP Marketing at gave a terrific keynote at the recent GAUGE conference. My experience with keynotes is that typically they are not that memorable. This was not one of those keynotes. Matt used the fundamental economics of a service company to explain how to increase Customer Lifetime Value. He persuasively made the […]