Process Improvement in The Sales Prospecting System

Recently I wrote that cold-calling is best suited for new businesses that need to ramp their sales more quickly than inbound marketing will allow. Oops. Not so fast. I just finished reading an article by Peter O’Donoghue that challenged my conclusion. For B2B companies that sell to a well defined market, Peter argues that an […]

How to Understand B2B Customer Preferences with the Kano Model

When you gather Voice of the Customer (VOC) information about your buyers’ experiences, how should you distinguish the important from the less important? The Kano Model helps you to make these distinctions so that you can learn which characteristics are hurting you and which ones can differentiate you from the competition. You can use the […]

Cold-Calling, a Special Case in the Sales Production System

Most articles on cold-calling advise B2B sales people on how to do a task for which everyone has a deep aversion—social encounters that result in rejection. What makes the social rejection of cold calling so difficult to overcome? It starts because we know that in most cases our call does not add value to the […]

The Marketing Skills Gap—Is It Time to Challenge Our Assumptions?

As marketing technology companies flood the market with new applications to improve your productivity, they create a skills gap. Many articles bemoan this skills gap and the inability of companies and their marketing staff to close it. Some even blame the workers themselves, questioning their motivation and their aptitude. There can be no doubt that […]

Why Does Measurement Matter in a Sales Production System?

Measurement has only recently become an integral part of what marketing and sales people do. Why do we need to measure? How is knowledge of quantitative relationships more valuable than personal experience and the observations of others? Let’s start with Michael Webb’s explanation: “The purpose of measurement is to expand the range of conscious awareness […]