Overcome the Analytics Staffing Challenge

Analytics staffing, a top challenge to adoption and success of web analytics

Companies in Australia report that a top web analytics challenge is analytics staffing. U.S. Companies would likely report a similar challenge.

This conclusion comes from Bienalto, an Australian marketing services company that conducts an annual survey on the use of web analytics in Australia.

Their report covers a range of topics including technology adoption, management, and web analytics expenditures.

Top web analytics challenges have moved from tools to management

The report concludes with challenges and priorities. Five years ago the top challenges had to do with “getting support from vendors” and “finding suitable tools.”

Since then, the top challenges have migrated to management issues in the areas of web analytics staffing and change management.

This is progress! The hardest part of web analytics is not the tools and technology.

The hard part is the ability to understand what your customers are doing on your website and what they want.

The challenge is to invest in analytics staffing that produces people who can understand the goals of your business, people who can dig into the analysis and find insights that will help your business move closer to its goals.

One top challenge this year is to find staff with relevant experience

This year, the top two challenges tied for first place:

  • Finding staff with relevant experience
  • Taking action based on results

Let’s look at staffing first.

The best solution for most companies that need analytics work to be done on a regular basis is to have people on staff to do it.

They will be deeply embedded in the organization, its customers, its way of doing things. They will develop long-standing relationships with people across the organization who have a stake in the insights that analytics produces.

Therefore most companies will first try to overcome analytics staffing gaps by hiring experienced talent. They draw on their own networks. Or they use a recruiter that specializes in analytics staffing like Corry Prohens at IQ Workforce.

If you can’t hire the team you need, then build one

But what if you can’t find people with the right experience to hire? Web analytics is still a new field; it is expanding rapidly. The demand for analysts far outstrips the supply.

The next option is to find a consulting or marketing services company to help you. This is ok if you need help to solve a specific problem, or coaching on best practices, or to train staff on a particular subject.

But it’s not a good long-term solution for analytics staffing. Ultimately you need people who are embedded in your organization day in and day out, who develop internal relationships, who understand your customers, and who know your systems.

The next option is to invest in your own analytics staffing talent base. Find people in your company with aptitude and interest. Educate them. Then supplement their lack of experience with consultants who can solve particular problems today and who can coach your staff.

Wondering what people should know how to do as you build your analytics staffing capabilities? Here is a Senior Web Analyst requisition/job description from Avinash Kaushik.

Tomorrow, we’ll look at the challenge of how to take action based on your analytics results.